Full Spectrum Coaching and Consulting

John Armstrong

Life Enthusiast, Father, Visionary, Artist, Educator and Entrepreneur


Helping you optimize your power, talents, relationships and capacity to fulfill your dreams and make your unique contribution to your world.

Showing you tools, techniques and inner maps that will help you transform self-sabotaging habits and disconnected causes into more vital relationships, purpose and meaning.

Would you like to …
  • Understanding yourself and others more deeply?
  • Transform your good work and life into something great?
  • Live bravely and confidently from your deepest values guided by a strong inner council within you?

My education programs offer safe, sacred and brave learning environments for you to discover access to untapped potentials within you which will empower you to act and accomplish more of your dreams.


Born in Madison, Wisconsin, I grew up navigating an upbringing filled with love, joy, adventure, crisis and tragedy.

The mix of these diverse events began my process of awakening, orientating and coordinating two simultaneously emerging worlds – the one around me and the one within me.  

My story includes many gifted opportunities to receive guidance from family, friends, teachers, mentors and coaches. 

I feel deeply blessed to have discovered a path and way of living that aims towards consciously and intentionally growing and serving both my emerging personhood and my community.


My path has been illuminated by an unwavering call to adventure.  Whether to serve myself or others – I’ve grown attuned to curiously wonder about my next best level of leadership and how best can I contribute to any situation.

My work is centered around human and entrepreneurial development, grounded in the principles and practices of personal and business mastery. 

I feel deeply privileged to share models, maps and tools with those seeking both encouragement and challenge in the development of their inner genius and own innate wisdom.


I work life-long learners dedicated to giving authentic, fullest, all-in effort to living their best life and doing their best work.

If you’re looking for a fuller expression of you, more alignment with your purpose, more life energy to sustain you or more clarity of your vision and why – I’d love to work with you.

You don’t need to go it alone – you’re welcome here!




Just as a caterpillar goes through various sequences and stages to becoming a butterfly, the challenges of our lives are opportunities for us to grow, rise above outdated ways of being as we increase our capacity and fulfill our potential.



Our body, heart, mind, energy and spirit all have their own innate wisdom and our work may include tuning into any or all of these resources while we explore possible next best personal mastery practices.

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We all live within interconnected systems: personal, professional, societal and natural which integrally influence and impact our perceptions and how we relate. Understanding these dynamics empowers us with given bearings within these social landscapes.

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We all share a foundational commonality - that of humanity and the hero(ine)'s journey - Regardless of background, education, position, race, class or orientation, there is a unequivital baseline for mutual respect, equality of power and sacred “right of place” we all behold for one another.


“When one sets a physical training goal, they often hire a coach to help strengthen one's body. John is a great coach for navigating life or career change. He cuts through the noise of the numerous paths one could take and through listening and forward conversation, brings clarity and focus to understanding what one must do to pave a path forward in their life or career journey.”
Barbara Heen
March 12, 2024
“John's guidance has been invaluable. His insights are well-informed and holistic, offering support that extends beyond just the task at hand. It's clear to me now the benefits of continuing to work with John over an extended period. I'm grateful for his expertise and encouragement, and I can see the positive impact it's having on my journey. Highly recommend!”
Adel Gardner
March 19, 2024
“John is an experienced coach and can help your business ask the tougher questions to continued growth. We all want our business to be better and John guides you to prioritizing key action steps. It’s a good process ”
Kevin Palmer
March 20, 2024


  • 25 plus years of small business entrepreneurship
  • Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Psychology and Dance – Bachelors of Arts, U of MN – Duluth
  • Somatic Education Training – Trager International
  • Adventure Education Training – School of Urban and Wilderness Survival
  • Deep Ecology Education Training – Boulder Outdoor Survival School
  • Aviation Mechanics License – FAA Certified Technical College
  • Trail Angels on My Path: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Steve Dawson, Joseph Campbell, Dave Wescott, L. J. Mitchell, Ken Gilbertson, Bud McClure, Amelia Terrapin, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Ken Wilber, Patrick O’Brien, Patrick Murphy, Jeff Staggs, Yvette Erasmus, Mike Obsatz, Bev Lutz, Wendy Morris, Barbara McAfee, Tracy Leavenworth, Senowa Leverentz, Elora Leverentz.
  • And many, many more.